Industrial Parts Washer

Product Description

The VPW-3040 is the perfect size for most customers and it has undergone years of development to ensure optimal cleaning performance with hassle-free operation. This unit is packed with innovative features including an intelligent performance monitoring system. This allows the VPW-3040 to continuously monitor its performance (operator alearts include clogged filter, clogged spray jets, out-of-tolerance detergent concentration, pump or turn-table fault, and many more). A proprietary self-cleaning routine can automatically run overnight during off-work hours. This routine automatically cleans the bottom of the tank filtering out any sediment and performs an oil separation routine for disposal. The VPW-3040 is our newest addition to the lineup allowing extreme wash temperatures and pressures that can even remove paint! As this is our flagship product, our service department is able to maintain minimum stock on all components allowing for next day shipping across North America. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the VPW-3040.

  • Features:

    • 30" Turn-Table x 40" Working Height"
    • 750 lbs Turn-Table Capacity
    • 3 or 5 HP Centrifugal Wash Pump with VFD Control
    • Integrated Bag Filter & Oil Skimmer
    • Optional Two Tier Part Baskets or Custom Part Fixturing
    • Automated Self Cleaning Routines
    • Programmable Wash Cycles (Fast Rotation Pre-Soak, Slow Rotation -High Pressure Wash Cycle, Condensation Drying Cycle)
    • Reliable Chain and Sprocket Drive System with SEW Gear Motor
    • Pallet Jack Lift Channels for Effortless Repositioning
    • Marine Grade Powder Coating
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