Product Assembly

Automated Water Filter Assembly Line

Product Description

One of our specialties is automating an existing product assembly process. In this example, we created a fully automated water filter assembly line capable of producing 800 water filters per hour. This system was delivered turn-key within a few months of receiving the purchase order. The system includes a servo indexing conveyor with quick-change fixtures, a quick change integrated cup de-nesting system, two vibratory bowl feeders for plastic component part presentation, a 2-axis pneumatic gantry insertion system, two media auger feeders with vacuum transfer systems, and a UR3 Universal Robot arm to snap-lock the lids and place them into a shrink wrapping system ready for retail packaging.

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  • Features:

    • Touch Screen PLC Control System
    • Servo Indexing Conveyor
    • Integrated Cup De-Nesting
    • Vibratory Bowl Feeders
    • Auger Fillers for Granular and Powder Media
    • Integrated Universal Robot
    • 800+ Filters/Hour
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