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Automated Mattress Conveyors

Product Description


Low-power, auto-accumulation conveyor system. Each conveyor holds one mattress and operates independently of one another with its own high efficiency gearmotor, VFD drive, and product sensors to automatically accumulate product. This allows each conveyor section to run only when required, dramatically reducing the overall power consumption and component wear for an extended service life.


The line shaft roller conveyor design prevents the buildup of dirt and dust commonly found in flat belt conveyor systems. Each conveyor package includes emergency stop pull cords across the entire length on both sides along with pressure sensing safety mats at all walkways. Our high-quality galvanized (or optional stainless steel) rollers contain double sealed, permanently lubricated ball bearings for nearly silent operation with almost zero maintenance requirements. Stainless-steel construction provides the ultimate corrosion resistance for easy wipe down cleaning while eliminating damage associated with painted steel frames.


From a basic sketch, we can rapidly provide a complete layout and quotation for your factory. Each conveyor section provides a simple building block to drag and drop into place. Straight section, pop-up sections, and rotation sections can be configured into nearly any product flow path. We also specialize in providing machine integration controls to automatically feed product from a single line in and single line out feeding through multiple production machines (i.e. edge tapers or wrapping systems). From a basic layout sketch, we can provide a complete system quotation within 2-days.


In a production environment, ever second counts. Our conveyors accumulate, load, and unload products faster than any others on the market (over 2 ft/sec) increasing your overall production throughput. Our proprietary on-demand auto-accumulation control system dramatically reduces energy consumption and nearly eliminates maintenance and service requirements. Our team of technicians can install up to 10 conveyors per day while on-site further reducing any line downtime during commissioning and installation. By automating your product movement, our systems also substantially reduce labor related injuries.

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  • Features:

    • Energy Efficient & Intelligent Control System
    • Clean, Safe, Silent Operation
    • Rapid Factory Layout Software & Quoting Systems
    • Full Stainless Steel Construction for Long Life
    • Up to 2.0 ft/sec Travel Speeds
    • SEW Gear Motors with Variable Frequency Drives
    • Integrated Product Sensors
    • Heavy-Duty, 90-Degree Pop-Up Transfer Systems
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