Cooling Tunnels

Refrigerated Cooling Tunnel

Product Description

Vital Manufacturing is one of the only world-class providers for industrial cooling tunnels in North America. These systems were initially developed for the confectionary chocolate market; however, they are often used in the bakery industries to cool various food products after enrobing with chocolate. Our cooling tunnels are built to last with very low maintenance. Utilizing a large diameter, lagged drive roller along with a full auto-tracking and tensioning system, the belt drive system is capable of running up to a 50' long conveyor section. The refrigeration condenser unit can be remote mounted on the roof of the building to evacuate heat, or it can be integrated into the frame of the tunnel itself. Any condensation gathered during the cool down and dehumidifying stage is gathered and drained to a condensate pump for evacuation. These units are fully insulated with a stainless construction throughout to meet the highest quality standards.

  • Features:

    • Touch Screen PLC Control System
    • Easy-Access Insulated Panels/Lids
    • Large Diameter Lagged Drive Pulley
    • Auto-Tracking and Tensioning System
    • Powerful SEW Gear Motor
    • Integrated Refrigeration Condensing Unit
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