Sorting & Packaging

Automated Chocolate Packaging Cell

Product Description

"Necessity is the mother of invention" - Plato

Confectionary products (such as chocolate covered caramel squares) are often manufactured in a continuous production line. These lines are capable of extremely high production rates (600+ chocolates per minute) which creates chaos at the end of the line often requiring 6-8 employees who struggle to keep up. This high production rate combined with frequent product changeovers make an automated sorting and packaging system nearly impossible. After 5-years of development, Vital has successfully created the only known solution for this application. Many of our competitors can provide high-speed pick and place robotic arms with intelligent vision systems; however, this application would require ten robotic arms to keep up with production rates eliminating any chance of a reasonable return on investment. These lines also require large installation footprints. Our affordable, innovative solution automatically sorts, counts, bundles, and loads layers of products directly into bagged stock boxes in one compact solution (the primary cell only requires a 5' x 10' footprint). Contact our chocolate experts today to discuss your application!

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  • Features:

    • Touch Screen PLC Control System
    • Easy-Access, High-Visibility Lexan Doors
    • Integrated Electrical Enclosures
    • Auto-Tracking Flat Belt Conveyors
    • Scalable, Modular Design for Your Products and Production Rates
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